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Lyle, a native of Iowa, was born in Dubuque, Iowa and grew up on the family farm in N.E. Iowa.

Lyle taught himself to play the guitar and harmonica and began writing poems and songs at the age of 10.  For those who have read his poems, he has been labeled “The Grant Wood Poet Of Iowa.”  In his early years, he was influenced by Robert Frost, and Illinois poet and guitarist Carl Sandburg.

Lyle was involved in folk music in college.  His college professor was shocked when he selected Minnesota’s Bobby Zimmerman as his poet for “Writers of the 20th Century Class.” His thesis was analyzing “With God On Our Side.”  In college Lyle kept writing poems and songs.  After graduation from college Lyle moved to Milwaukee to work and was drafted in the U S Army. 

The military service provided much more material to write about and Lyle’s poetic skills provided detailed accounts of ten songs on his Vietnam CD telling it like it is. As Lyle explained to me, popular opinion had turned against people like him.

After returning from Vietnam, Lyle returned to Milwaukee and to his job. He met his wife and was married. For the next 30 years his poems and songs were put in a piano bench, while he spent time pursuing his career and raising a family. After retirement and with his children through college, his family encouraged him to continue his writings and to record all of his songs.

Lyle has a Licensing agreement with Bob Dylan to perform Bob's songs which are available on Lyle’s CD titled “Lyle Holthaus does Bob Dylan.” This licensing agreement allows Bob to receive royalties from Lyle for the songs.


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